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St John Ambulance NSW

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Why it's good for you

As a member of St John Ambulance NSW, you get immense training opportunities in the area of first aid, teamwork and leadership. There are a range of volunteer roles you can be trained for, and if you are interested in working part or full-time for St John, positions are often advertised. Being a part of the St John community will have you working with people from all kinds of background, to achieve a common goal.

Not to mention free entry into lots of events if you volunteer!

Why it's good for others

St John Ambulance exists to prevent and relieve sickness and injury and to act to enhance the health and wellbeing of people of all races and creeds.

Why it's good for the world

St John is a not-for-profit with the mission to have at least one person educated, equipped and prepared to provide first aid in every home, workplace and public gathering. They provide free first aid education to primary school children and work alongside emergency services in times of need.

So what now?

If you have an interest in first aid or want to be able to help out at big events like music festivals, the many divisions of St John Ambulance NSW will be happy to welcome you!

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