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Arnies Recon

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Why it's good for you

Arnies Recon will pick up your electronics and kitchen appliances (e.g. computers, televisions, phones, fridges, microwaves and much more) for free. All you have to do is contact Arnies to arrange a pick-up. Arnies will give you a two-hour time frame, and you just leave your appliances out with a note "for Arnies".

Why it's good for the world

50 million tons of electronics hits landfill each year. Across the world, we throw out 800 laptops a second and 80% of our devices end up in landfill and incinerators, poisoning our air, soil and water. Arnies Recon was founded to reduce the electronic waste going to landfill by taking people's unwanted items to where they're wanted. Re-use is the most efficient and least impactful form of recycling. Anything that is too damaged gets used for parts or recycled as scraps, with nothing going to landfill.

Why it's good for others

Arnies Recon also work with a community of families in Africa who are teaching orphaned young men how to repair and sell devices and appliances to become self-sustaining.

So what now?

Check out their website Arnies to make a booking or find out more information.

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